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 Posting rules on the site

The site management seeks to provide everything new and useful, and ask you to abide by the terms and conditions set.

(1) Prohibited from publication
1. A published advertisement is misplaced.
2. Real estate advertisements not illustrated or bearing unrealistic images of the property.
3. Ads containing jokes promoting other sites.
4. Ads that are in the logo of other sites.
5. Inquiries related to non-queries section.
6. Ads that are within the only sentence enter my name.
7. Advertisements include all state departments such as traffic, tax and customs departments.
8. Advertisements on immigration through smuggling, counterfeiting, or other illegal means of travel.
9. Alcohol, drugs and narcotic pills.
10. The automatic and acoustic weapons are excluded from weapons and aerial weapons.
11. Knives, deadly daggers and military equipment of all kinds and forms.
12. Mercury, laser, explosives, crackers and all kinds of incendiary lighters.
13. Advertising of antiquities, antiques, carvings and cylindrical seals for the history of Iraq.
14. Ads calling for sorcery and dud.
15. Ads for small speakers that use cheats.
16. Questions of the ministerial examinations.
17. Announcements of marriage and acquaintance.
18. Clothes, sexual organs, plastic, movies and pornographic images.
19. Prostitution and prostitution.
20. Ads are not selling or buying as news, political or social news.
Second: Tips and guidance
1. Advertisements for vacancies or employment must contain the name of the company, the location of the company, the company's telephone, and the details of the work and prefer to open the place of comments.
2. The subscriber's account is closed by placing his e-mail in the place of his name or using the decorations in the name.
Thirdly, it is important to learn
1. is not responsible for your business dealings and does not represent any of you, but is only an intermediary for the display of goods and services.
2. The site management has the right to delete any advertisements that it deems fit or not relevant to the site.
3. In the event of a dispute between two or more parties, the site is not responsible for any data, details or dates of any official or governmental.
4. The site management is not obliged to answer questions concerning the deletion of advertisements.
5. In case you place an advertisement on the site, you agree and agree to all the conditions set forth in the site.
IV. Complaints and proposals
Dear brothers can send suggestions and complaints on the website's e-mail and not published on the site in the form of advertisements, you can also request a commercial advertisement paid through your contact with our agent and advertising through the contact us page
V. Copyright
Under the amended Iraqi law No. 83 of 2004, anyone who violates the property right intentionally or otherwise for a term of not less than five years and not exceeding ten years and a fine not less than 100,000,000 dinars and not more than 200,000,000 dinars or either of these penalties